Naima Afoatti, publicly known as Naima Atti, born in 1993, is a passionately humble African Muslim whose name simply does not encapsulate who she is, her journey and unique trajectory towards the future. Born in Libreville, Gabon and moving to Togo, Ghana, Benin and Nigeria her and her family finally settled into the United States in 2001.

When Naima left Togo in 2001, she wasn’t sure what to expect of America. She imagined that her family would be one of the only black people in her neighborhood, city or even state. Once she arrived in New York City, she was relieved to see many faces that resembled her own.After starting school at P.S. 28, she was happy to see many faces that resembled her own. Naima wore Ankara, African printed clothing to school, but her classmates did not readily accept her because it was different. She wanted to connect with the other children and bridge the gap between understanding Africa. At 10 years old, it became her mission.

Naima’s collective experience along with her upbringing in New York City is where her yearning love for home was cultivated and her zeal for the diverse nature of Africa was sparked. Naima thirsts for what will make her feel alive and how to bring this “life” to the people she interact with, especially the less fortunate. As she continues on her mission to investigate “what’s next?”, she specialize and aim to achieve expertise in her interests topics; natural medicine, martial arts (TKD & KARATE), food, philanthropy, photography and film. Naima lives to encourage forward thinking and advancement. Her commitment towards freedom and individual expression drives her ambitious mission to fuel the ever-growing creative collective. She hopes this blog inspires you to explore new places.