Are you working endless hours but no results?


You’re hustling all hours of the day, networking with professionals and still feel like you’re getting nowhere. You thought this was the way to get what you wanted, but nothing is happening for you…

I hate to break it to you but I had to learn the hard way and realize That’s life! Sorry!

Astonishing things don’t happen overnight, it really is that simple.

For starters you have to ask yourself are you putting in enough hours? Just because you put in the hours in doesn’t mean you’re working hard or smart. You could be wasting your time. You could be avoiding the profit making deeds because they’re tough. Hours does not mean hustle and it doesn’t mean effort either. I could sit in front of my laptop for 5-10 hours each day and feel like “Man, I am working too damn hard” when all you did was send a few emails and roam around Tumblr and YouTube. Let’s face it, if you really take away all of the distractions and put in a couple hours of solid work you’re probably going to have achieved the same!

Are you surrounded by the right people? Are those people your meeting helping you move the needles you need? If not, you need to re-evaluate your entire circle. For so long I had the mentality of “Yes! finally, this person will help me” only to feel so used left and right. Running errands for these so called “it” people because, I figured if they saw how dedicated I was and my hand work they would finally help me…WRONG!  I was jobless, and looking for work and these “it” people could have gotten me a job by a click of an email but they didn’t rather they simply continued to take and take. Finally, I had to just stop! What I realize was these people needed me and not the other way around. But I needed to see it for myself, I needed to shift my thinking. I needed to remind myself that I am worthy! and trust God’s timing.

This post isn’t to discourage you RATHER,

To get you to start critically thinking. What is it that you are doing wrong on your end? If you fell into the same trap I did, then fix it quick.

Honestly I trust the God’s timing. Yes, you may have everything figured out but it may just not be the right timing for things to pick up. Continue to trust that this is your calling and keep pushing. It’ll let it happen on it’s own terms and in it’s own time though and you have to be patient.

Getting frustrated and upset won’t get you anywhere, in fact, it’s probably going to set you back and put you in a worse place than you’re in now. You are what you put out there, whether you’re spiritual or not, that’s a fact.

The important thing is not to give up. Meaning you learn and you get back out there. Learn from your recent mistakes. If you know you’ve tried everything and there just isn’t the need, then pivot. Try something new. Approach the situation with a new perspective.


Whatever you do, keep pushing!